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Want to build an iPhone or iPad app? Start here. Learn to create native apps for iOS 8 using Xcode 6 and Swift, Apple's new programming language.


Want to build an iPhone or iPad app? Start here. Completely rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 8, Xcode 6, and Swift (Apple's new programming language), this course covers the design patterns and best practices for building, testing, and debugging native iOS apps. Find out what Apple provides and what you need to come up with on your own, and learn what concepts like Model-View-Controller (MVC), target-action, and delegation mean, and how they contribute to your apps.

Author Simon Allardice also covers the dos and don'ts of iOS 8 interface development, techniques for connecting UI elements to code, and tips for making flexible layouts that display correctly on different screen sizes. The last chapter shows you how to add app icons and launch screens and prep your app for submission to the App Store.
Topics include:
  • Installing Xcode and the iOS SDK
  • Joining the iOS Developer Program
  • Using MVC in iOS
  • Creating basic interaction
  • Using first responders
  • Exploring delegation
  • Connecting UI elements to code
  • Working with foreground and background events
  • Creating and customizing table views
  • Exploring storyboards
  • Understanding the differences in iPad development
  • Altering views and constraints, with size classes
  • Adding application icons and launch images
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